10th International Festival of the Portative organ
Reimlingen, Tagungshaus “St. Albert”

Feste. Frohsinn. Vaterunser
Music from the Middle Ages and Early Renaissance

Lucia MenseEyn vortreflich hochgezit
Ensemble Workshop: Medieval and Early Renaissance Music.
for organetto, harp, singers, lute, fiddle, flute, recorder, soft bagpipes and the like

Stefan KepplerMusic for Santiago di Compostela
Course for beginners on the portative organ

Corina Marti – Le Banquet de Voeu 1454
Masterclass and Course for experienced players / portative

Jankees BraaksmaRobin m´aime/ minstrel festivities
Masterclass and Course for experienced players/ portative

Read more: Wolkenstayn Orgelbau

Sackpfeifertage auf der Comburg
Schwäbisch Hall, Comburg

Workshop Medieval  Music for Ensemble

A course for “bassa/ soft” instruments:
harp, hümmelchen, portativ organ, hurdy-gurdy, flute, vielle, lute, percussion, singing instrument players are also welcome!

We will play music such as songs, cansos, dances, motets – for 1 to 4 players. The fascination for the prima vista improvisation of medieval musicians will be an inspiration for our research. As well as the development of music for 2-4 parts, the notation of the music and the system of tonal and rhythmic modes.

All players are welcome who know how to play their instruments, have experience in ensemble playing, are willing to play by heart and to improvise.

Information: www.sackpfeifertage.de