Lunyala Trio

Cora Schmeiser – voice
Lucia Mense – flute & recorder
Dietmar Bonnen – keyboards & tools

Dietmar Bonnen, Cora Schmeiser and Lucia Mense got to know each other when participating in a project at Museum Kolumba in Köln/ Germany. Since then they enjoy sounds and ideas. They share similar musical interests, such as music from the middle ages, Dada, improvisation – and are likewise fascinated by the connection of speech and music.

In their projects Hildegard von Bingen and John Cage meet Daniil Charms; Oswald von Wolkenstein and Manfred Niehaus join Isang Yun; Kurt Schwitters befriends Hölderlin …

Website Lunyala Trio – recordings, videos…: Dietmar Bonnen – Lunyala Trio