Improvisation in Early Music

Improvisation in baroque styles

Part of Summer Course in Springiersbacher Monastery, july 25 – august 01/ 2021:
Improvisation with the patterns and harmony series of Bergamasca, Follia, Passamezzo …

Improvisation in medieval styles

Part of Sackpfeifertage, Schwäbisch Hall, February 25 – 28/ 2022:
Improvisation of melodies with typical motives of the modes – accompaniment with borduns and in the manner of the Organa – medieval counterpoint (discantus-style)

For young people: IM:now – Cologne Improvisation festival
Joculatores, minstrels en heren pipen

march 25/ 2023, 10 – 11:30h / presentation 17h at Rheinische Musikschule Köln