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Recorder and Traverso

After undertaking extensive studies of Baroque music, she is now also passionately dedicated to various earlier styles as well as new western art music. Creative processes attract her, improvisation is one of  her vital interests. (Christina von Richthofen, Zamus e. V.)

Just as unusual is her collection of traditional and modern types of instruments

  • medieval recorders and traversos – copies of flutes from Dordrecht and Elblag; a double recorder
  • Renaissance and Baroque music: recorders and traversos of different historical types, sizes and tunings
  • Contemporary recorders made by H. Paetzold and M. Helder


Tristan & Iseult

About Love and Treason

Based on the original epos by Gottfried von Straßburg. By the magic of a Love potion the knight Tristan and princess Isolde fall deeply in love...

actor - Thomas Höft
soprano, harp - Miriam Andersén
baritone - Raitis Grigalis
fiddle - Susanne Ansorg
flute, concept - Lucia Mense

CD Ordo Virtutum - Ars Choralis Coeln

Ars Choralis Coeln/ Maria Jonas

CD release in september 2018, Raumklang

Anima - Cora Schmeiser
Diabolus - Lucia Mense
Humilitas - Maria Jonas

Virtutes - Ars Choralis Coeln...

The Amsterdam Partch Project

Scordatura Ensemble plays Harry Partch

Li Po-Songs and early chamber music on Partch instruments

2018 Finale of the Amsterdam Partch Project: in Café Oto/ London and at the James-Joyce-Festival in the Oosterkerk/ Amsterdam

Now we are working on the release of our first CD!
We will keep you posted!


A brilliant beginning of the festival by  Lucia Mense … with ground covering stage presence and highest concentration she created a connection between traditional music from Europe as well as Asia and works from the contemporary recorder repertoire. Recital/ ERTA-Kongress

… Gesti, which Feisst rightly describes as a “classic in contemporary recorder literature”, is indeed a fantastic concoction of instrument and voice interpreted with furious enthusiasm by Lucia Mense …

Sabine Feisst, CD Luciano Berio, Mode Records/ New YorkThe Complete Sequenzas, Alternate Sequenzas & Works for Solo Instruments

Exploring the tension between the Opera Stile moderno and the counterpoint-like stile antico … recorder and viola da gamba are moving subtle, competently balanced and sovereign through the soundscape of the organ … nevertheless the music is always presented vivid and extrovert …

Nik TarasovWindkanal 2005-2, CD L´Ambitiosa des Ensembles Canzoni Cölln

With the support of electronics, Lucia Mense drew rather astounding sounds from her recorders. Quite an experience to witness this type of technically difficult playing, as well as the rich variety of presentation, one with an abundance of physical engagement as well … A completely successful contemporary music concert with unbelievable mastery and dedication by the musician.

Blockflötenbau Paetzold Electronic Counterpoint

Version no. 8 for piccolo recorder … rather playful. The rhythmic structure of the recorder part follows changes all’ improvisando,  the interferences between the sine tone and extreme high recorder sounds are being influenced by the fluctuation of the volume of the generator … here, in the fragile changements of the waving, in Lucia Menses improvisando, is the extraordinary attraction of Barlow composition.

Sebastian, CD Klarenz Barlow - ...Until...

Early Music

For years now Lucia Mense has been fascinated by the direct, the natural as well as the variable qualities of the sound of the recorder. The colorful palette and the speech-like articulation – not unlike the art of singing – in connection with the potential velocity of gesture, comprise the departure point for her interpretations.

Recorder & Harpsichord

Lucia Mense - recorder and Alexander Puliaev - harpsichord/ pianoforte

Lucia Mense and Alexander Puliaev first met during their studies at the Sweelinck Konservatorium in Amsterdam. Since then they concertize in Germany, Europe, the Baltic States and Russia.

The flyer of Springiersbacher Summer Course 2019 is available!...

Ars Choralis Coeln

Ars Choralis Coeln – a women schola whose „unmistakable qualities are shown in variety of sound colours with balanced but individual timbres of voices, a vocal unity in terms of intonation, subtle musicality, following the means of authentic interpretation“ (Detlef Bielefeld).

Ensemble Beltatz

TAOABIL - Music from Orient and Occident

Lucia Mense - flutes
Bassem Hawar - djoze, percussion
Riccardo Delfino - hurdy-gurdy, harp, voice

New CD! Just released

"La Beltatz" - occitan for "beauty" www the focus of the chant of trobadors and trouvères in the middle ages. Orient and Occident were active in permanent cultural exchange...

Modern Music

In the area of contemporary music, Lucia Mense has been successful in extending the expressive possibilities of the recorder to hitherto unexplored techniques. By making extensive use of the special character of her instrument she has been able to explore striking new instrumental combinations.

Electronic Counterpoint

Recorder and Live-Electronics

The counterpoint of the traditional instrument recorder in combination with live-electronics. In compositions and improvisations guitar pedals, multitrack and software such as MAX/ MSP are being used ...

Scordatura Ensemble

Rose Petal Jam

The Amsterdam Partch Project

Chamber music by Harry Partch and new Li Po Songs

Scordatura Ensemble/ Amsterdam plays music by Harry Partch on replicas of his earliest instruments like Kithara, Mazda Marimba, adapted viola ... , early chamber music dating from 1930-1950.


Frank Gratkowski - clarinet, Seth Josel - guitar, hans w. koch - electronics, Anton Lukoszievieze - cello and Lucia Mense - recorder

Music by James Tenney, Tashi Wada, Mark So, Laura Steenberge, Cat Lamb ...



Rose von Jhericho - The Songbook of Anna von Köln (about 1500)

Ars Choralis Coeln - dir.: Maria Jonas

with Lucia Mense - recorder, Elisabeth Seitz - dulcimer, Johanna Seitz - harp, Susanna Ansorg - vielle

"The accompaniment of the Instruments is improvised, in highest artistic style..." (Bernhard Morbach, Radio Berlin)

Electronic Counterpoint

A recording of the concert "Electronic Counterpoint", reiheM/ Köln

New works for recorder and live-electronics

by Ulrich Krieger, Marc Sabat, Manfred Stahnke, Georg Hajdu and Sascha Lemke
Label satelita, 2011


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