april, 5-6/ 2019, 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. each day, Musikschule Brühl

Musica alla Romana

Music from the time of Palestrina and the Roman School
– for all lovers of consort music for recorders!
Application and information: info[at]luciamense.de

10/29 – 11/01 2019 – Wittenberger Renaissance Musikfestival:
Music for Ensemble from the times of Luther

Luther had a profound connection to music as being a means to cure the soul of people, because “the devil hates and despises music…”. Following his advice we will play music for recorder consort from the Renaissance.

For participating in this course the playing of three kinds of recorders is required.
Bass-, greatbass- and contrabass recorders are welcome!
If possible, please bring Renaissance recorders. Instruments can be borrowed if asked for beforehand.

10/28, at 7 p. m.: Concert – Ensemble Ala Aurea
Maria Jonas (voice, hardy-gurdy), Lucia Mense (flutes), Susanne Ansorg (fiddle, rebec)
10/29, at 10 a. m.: start of workshop
11/ 01, at 6 p. m.: end of workshop
11/ 02, about 12 a. m.: Opening of the exhibition – performance by participants of the recorder workshop

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Application & hotels: Wittenberger Renaissance Musikfestival