Recorder and Live-Electronics

The counterpoint of the traditional instrument recorder in combination with live-electronics. In compositions and improvisations guitar pedals, multitrack and software such as MAX/ MSP are being used.

Inspired by the realisation of compositions by Steve Reich and John Cage and by the collaboration with hans w. koch, Andreas Wagner, Clarence Barlow … this project was born which I am actively expanding and developing.

CD “Electronic Counterpoint” – compositions by Marc Sabat, Ulrich Krieger, Sascha L. Lemke, Georg Hajdu and Manfred Stahnke.

January 2020, west coast/ USA

to the winter session
CalArts –  California Institute of Arts, Valencia

Talks and presentations
ASU – Arizona State University
and UCSD – University of California San Diego

July, 30 – August, 5/ 2020
monastery of the Carmelites in Springiersbach/ near Wittlich, Germany:

Lucia Mense/ recorder, Holger Faust-Peters/ viola da gamba, Alexander Puliaev/ harpsichord, Katsia Prakopchyk/ baroque mandoline

The classes offer:
individual lessons – technique lessons – correpetition with A. Puliaev – chamber music – opening concert of the teachers and final concert of the participants

Musikkreis Springiersbach, Tel.: +49-(0)6532-2731,,

Lucia Mense – recorder and Alexander Puliaev – harpsichord/ fortepiano

Lucia Mense and Alexander Puliaev first met during their studies at the Sweelinck Konservatorium in Amsterdam. Since then they concertize in Germany, Europe, the Baltic States and Russia.

The flyer of the Springiersbacher Summer Course 2019 is available!
Musikkreis Springiersbach,, Tel.: 06532-2731

Next summer course: august 04.-10., 2019

Opening concert: 08/05/19 at 7 p.m. in the Kapitelsaal, Kloster Springiersbach
with Lucia Mense – recorder, Holger Faust-Peters – viola da gamba, Katsia Prakopchyk – baroque mandoline, Alexander Puliaev – harpsichord

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03/01/2019, 8 p. m., Schwäbisch Hall, Comburg:
with Katharina Dustmann, Steven Player, Sandra Distler, Lucia Mense, Heide Rieth, Christian Lontzek and Ian Harrison

02/23/2019, 7:30 p.m., Nieder-Olm, Cath. Church St. Franziskus
and 02/24/2019, 5:00 p.m., Brühl, Kapitelsaal/ Rathaus
Ich spür ain Tier – Von Monstern, Visionen und Minnefantasien
Songs, Cansos and instrumental music by Oswald von Wolkenstein, Bernart de Ventadorn and from the Codex London
with Cora Schmeiser, voice/ hurry-gurdy and Lucia Mense, flutes
Tickets: Brühl Tourismus

02/03/2019, 7 p.m. Köln, Loft (Wißmannstr. 30):

ALTE TALENTE/ Poesie und Chaos
An audio-visual concert for Peter Behrendsen
with Peter Behrendsen, Dietmar Bonnen, Andreas Oskar Hirsch, hans w. koch and Lucia Mense

01/27/2019, 5 p.m. Brühl, Christuskirche:
J. J. Heinichen – Concerto à 8
with Collegium Musicum

12/21/2018, 8 p.m. Philharmonie Köln:
Su Klingk Kölsch Zor Chressdagszigg
with Ars Choralis Coeln, Le Quatuor Romantique, Chor der “Fründe von der Akademie för uns kölsche Sproch e. V.”
Tickets: KölnTicket

Improvisation in medieval styles – as part of Sackpfeifertage, Schwäbisch Hall, February 21 – 24/ 2020:
Improvisation of melodies with typical motives of the modes – accompaniment with borduns and in the manner of the Organa – medieval counterpoint (discantus-style)

Improvisation in baroque times – as part of  Summer Course in Springiersbacher, july 30 – august 05/ 2020:
Improvisation with the patterns and harmony series of Bergamasca, Follia, Passamezzo …
Grounds and Chaconne

Ars Choralis Coeln

voices: Cora Schmeiser, Uta Kirsten, Petra Koerdt, Mikari Shibukawa, Pamela Petsch, Inga Schneider, Amanda Simmons, Stefanie Brijoux, Elodie Mourot, Katherine Hill, Karolina Brachmann
recorders, bells, voice: Lucia Mense
dulcimer: Elisabeth Seitz
harp: Johanna Seitz
vielle: Susanna Ansorg
director, voice, hardy-gurdy: Maria Jonas

“The accompaniment of the instruments – in highest artistic style. By the subtle and discreet playing of harp, dulcimer, recorder and vielle the melodies appear to be even more bathed in eternal light. A most impressive CD.” – Bernhard Morbach, Radio Berlin

Choc – Le Monde de la Musique, 5 Diapason
Release: June 2007, raumklang,

audio clips:

Live-recording of the concert “Electronic Counterpoint”, reiheM/ Köln

New works for recorder and live-electronics
by Ulrich Krieger, Marc Sabat, Manfred Stahnke, Georg Hajdu and Sascha Lemke

Label satelita, 2011
distribution: a-musik Köln

Premiere at the Kölner Fest für Alte Musik 2018

Tristan & Iseult – About Love and Treason

actor – Thomas Höft
soprano, harp – Miriam Andersén
baritone – Raitis Grigalis
fiddle – Susanne Ansorg
flute and concept – Lucia Mense

By the magic of a Love potion the knight Tristan and princess Isolde fall deeply in love. The drama, based on the folie of war and violence, ends with the death of both lovers. This popular story is frequently set to music – obviously the most famous version is the opera by Richard Wagner. Lucia Mense has taken the original epos by Gottfried von Straßburg as starting point and focus of her performance: supplemented and commented by contemporary medieval music from numerous sources – with the fascinating Miriam Andersén as Isolde.

Ars Choralis Coeln – a women schola, whose „unmistakable qualities are shown in variety of sound colours with balanced  but individual timbres of voices, a vocal unity in terms of intonation, subtle musicality, following the means of authentic interpretation“ (Detlef Bielefeld).

Next concert:
05/12/19, 6 p.m. Mülheim a. d. Ruhr:
Amo Christo

New CD,  Raumklang:
ORDO VIRTUTUM, a mystery play by Hildegard von Bingen
Anima – Cora Schmeiser
Diabolus – Lucia Mense
Humilitas – Maria Jonas
Virtutes – Ars Choralis Coeln