Lucia Mense – recorder and Alexander Puliaev – harpsichord/ fortepiano

Lucia Mense and Alexander Puliaev first met during their studies at the Sweelinck Konservatorium in Amsterdam. Since then they concertize in Germany, Europe, the Baltic States and Russia.

The flyer of the Springiersbacher Summer Course 2021 is available!
Musikkreis Springiersbach,, Tel.: 06532-2731

Next summer course: 07/25 – 08/01/ 2025

Opening concert: 07/25/21 at 8 p.m. in the Kapitelsaal, Kloster Springiersbach
with Lucia Mense – recorder, Holger Faust-Peters – viola da gamba, Katsia Prakopchyk – baroque mandoline, Alexander Puliaev – harpsichord

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Ars Choralis Coeln – a women schola, whose „unmistakable qualities are shown in variety of sound colours with balanced  but individual timbres of voices, a vocal unity in terms of intonation, subtle musicality, following the means of authentic interpretation“ (Detlef Bielefeld).

New CD,  Raumklang:
ORDO VIRTUTUM, a mystery play by Hildegard von Bingen
Anima – Cora Schmeiser
Diabolus – Lucia Mense
Humilitas – Maria Jonas
Virtutes – Ars Choralis Coeln

Music from Orient and Occident

TAOABIL – new CD! Just released!

Lucia Mense – recorder and traverso
Bassem Hawar – djoze, percussion
Riccardo Delfino – hurdy-gurdy, harp and voice

“La Beltatz” – occitan for “beauty” was the focus of the chant of trobadors and trouvéres in the middle ages.
Orient and Occident were active in permanent cultural exchange – due to pilgrimage and trade, crusades and last but not least: traveling musicians.

Cora Schmeiser – voice
Lucia Mense – flute & recorder
Dietmar Bonnen – keyboards & tools

Dietmar Bonnen, Cora Schmeiser and Lucia Mense got to know each other when participating in a project at Museum Kolumba in Köln/ Germany. Since then they enjoy sounds and ideas. They share similar musical interests, such as music from the middle ages, Dada, improvisation – and are likewise fascinated by the connection of speech and music.

In their projects Hildegard von Bingen and John Cage meet Daniil Charms; Oswald von Wolkenstein and Manfred Niehaus join Isang Yun; Kurt Schwitters befriends Hölderlin …

Website Lunyala Trio – recordings, videos…: