January 2020, tour on the west coast/ USA

Lectures, Classes and Concerts

at CalArts –  California Institute of Arts, Valencia
and UCSB – University of California Santa Barbara

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August, 4-10/ 2019 monastery of the Carmelites in Springiersbach/ near Wittlich, Germany:

with Lucia Mense/ recorder, Holger Faust-Peters/ viola da gamba, Alexander Puliaev/ harpsichord, Katsia Prakopchyk/ baroque mandoline

The classes offer: individual lessons – technique lessons – correpetition with A. Puliaev – chamber music – opening concert of the teachers and final concert of the participants

Application: Musikkreis Springiersbach, Tel.: +49-(0)6532-2731, musikkreis@t-online.de, www.sommerkurse-im-kloster.de

Improvisation in medieval styles – as part of Sackpfeifertage, Schwäbisch Hall, march 1-4/ 2019:
Improvisation of melodies with typical motives of the modes – accompaniment with borduns and in the manner of the Organa – medieval counterpoint (discantus-style)

Improvisation in baroque times – as part of  Summer Course in Springiersbacher, august 4-10/ 2019:
Improvisation with the patterns and harmony series of Bergamasca, Follia, Passamezzo …
Grounds and Chaconne

april, 5-6/ 2019, 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. each day, Musikschule Brühl

Musica alla Romana

Music from the time of Palestrina and the Roman School
– for all lovers of consort music for recorders!
Application and information: info[at]luciamense.de

10/29 – 11/01 2019 – Wittenberger Renaissance Musikfestival:
Music for Ensemble from the times of Luther

Luther had a profound connection to music as being a means to cure the soul of people, because “the devil hates and despises music…”. Following his advice we will play music for recorder consort from the Renaissance.

For participating in this course the playing of three kinds of recorders is required.
Bass-, greatbass- and contrabass recorders are welcome!
If possible, please bring Renaissance recorders. Instruments can be borrowed if asked for beforehand.

10/28, at 7 p. m.: Concert – Ensemble Ala Aurea
Maria Jonas (voice, hardy-gurdy), Lucia Mense (flutes), Susanne Ansorg (fiddle, rebec)
10/29, at 10 a. m.: start of workshop
11/ 01, at 6 p. m.: end of workshop
11/ 02, about 12 a. m.: Opening of the exhibition – performance by participants of the recorder workshop

Read more: Kurs Blockflöte
Application & hotels: Wittenberger Renaissance Musikfestival

10/18-20/ 2019: Reimlingen, Tagungshaus “St. Albert”
9. International Festival of the Portative organ

Ondas do Mar – Melancholy
Music from the Middle Ages and Early Renaissance

Stefan Keppler – Course for beginners on the portative organ
Christoph Deslignes – Masterclass and Course for experienced players/ portative
Corina Marti – Masterclass and Course for experienced players / portative
Lucia Mense – Ensemble Workshop: Medieval and Early Renaissance Music

An Ensemble Workshop for singers, harp, lute, fiddle, flute, recorder, soft bagpipes and others

musical director: Catalina Vicens

Read more: Wolkenstayn Orgelbau

02/21-24/2010, Schwäbisch-Hall, Comburg

Sackpfeifertage auf der Comburg

Workshop Medieval  Music for Ensemble

A course for “bassa/ soft” instruments:
harp, hümmelchen, portativ organ, hurdy-gurdy, flute, vielle, lute, percussion, singing instrument players are also welcome!

We will play music such as songs, cansos, dances, motets – for 1 to 4 players. The fascination for the prima vista improvisation of medieval musicians will be an inspiration for our research. As well as the development of music for 2-4 parts, the notation of the music and the system of tonal and rhythmic modes.

All players are welcome who know how to play their instruments, have experience in ensemble playing, are willing to play by heart and to improvise.

Information: www.sackpfeifertage.de