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Publications – New Music


compositions by Michael Pisaro, James Tenney, Cat Lamb, Tashi Wada, Michael Winter, Marc So, Liam Mooney, Scott Cazan, Laura Steenberge, Casey Anderson, Chris Kallmyer, Quentin Tolimeri

Seth Josel - electric guitar, Lucia Mense - recorder, Frank Gratkowski - bass clarinet,
Anton Lukoszievieze - cello, hans w. koch - electronics

co-production of Deutschlandfunk, labels wandelweiser and worldedition
- recording: June 2013 by Deutschlandfunk, CD released in april 2014!

Electronic Counterpoint

Rose van JherichoRecordings of the Concert "Electronic Counterpoint"
in the concert series reiheM/ Köln
New music for recorder and electronics
by Ulrich Krieger, Marc Sabat, Manfred Stahnke, Georg Hajdu and Sascha Lemke

label satelita 2011
a-musik Köln

The complete SEQUENZAs, alternate Sequenzas & solo works by Luciano Berio

Berioa.o.: “Gesti” for recorder
co-production of Mode Records/ New York, Hessischer Rundfunk, radio bremen, WDR, DeutschlandRadio
released: may 2006

other performers: Irvine Arditti, Allain Billard, Michael Cameron, Jane Chapman, Stuart Dempster, Rohan de Saram, William Forman, Isabelle Ganz, Stefan Hussong, Susan Jolles, Seth Josel, Garth Knox, Ulrich Krieger, Jacqueline Leclair, Brian McWohrter, Carol Robinson, Paula Robison, Stefano Scodanibbio, Noriko Shimada, Aki Takahashi, Kelland Thomas, Gary Verkade

rewarded the Jahrespreis der Deutschen Schallplattenkritik 2007
and Premio del Disco Amadeus 2008


Portrait of the composer Phill Niblock

Komponisten-Portrait Phill Niblocka.o.: “Lucid Sea” (descant, alto, tenor, bass and contrabass recorders)
other performers: Seth Josel - electric guitar, Ulrich Krieger - saxophone, Arne Deforce - cello, Martin Zrost - saxophone, Franz Hautzinger - trumpet, Julia Eckhardt - viola
co-production of Touch Records /London and Deutschlandfunk
released: 2006,

These nine pieces were made from March 2003 to June 2005. They were all made by recording a single instrument with a single microphone. The recordings were direct to the computer hard disk, most of them using my Powerbook G4, Protools, an M-box and an external firewire drive. The resulting mono sound files were editet to remove breathing spaces, leaving the natural decay of the tone and the attack of the subsequent iteration of the same tone. Each piece uses a few tones. A simple chord, perhaps. Additional microtonal intervals were produced in Protools using pitch shift. The pieces were assembled in multitracks, usually either 24 or 32 tracks. The environment varied from a simple appartement in Berlin (Ulrich Krieger´s) to a very large hall used for symphony orchestra performances and recordings, with a sizable audience space (Deutschland Radio, Cologne). The recordings were generally done quite closely miked.



...Until...Three Versions of „...Until...“ by Clarence Barlow
Kristi Becker (piano), Lucia Mense (flute), Seth Josel (guitar).- CD Los Angeles River Records LaL2-12
released: 2001

…until… was conceived in 1972 as a variable piece. It consists essentially of a cycle of pitches, initially highly consonant to a given drone, but gradually increasing in dissonance. At the final, most dissonant stage, a small shift in the drone reveals that the cycle has now become a phase-shifted transposition of the original. This “minimal” composition exists as an instructional text as well as (to date) nine realised versions.

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