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Publications – Articles (selection)

Exultet Celum
The instruments of the angels in Cologne Cathedral 
on the CD: Ars Choralis Coeln (dir. Maria Jonas and Oliver Sperling), ensemble of instruments (dir. Lucia Mense and Susanne Ansorg), recording by WDR.
Book + CD, Dom-Verlag Köln,

The angels in Cologne Cathedral and their instruments
Kölner Domblatt 77 (Jahrbuch des Zentral-Dombau-Vereins), Köln 2012, 
Verlag Kölner Dom, edited by: Klaus Hardering,

Essay about: The angels in Cologne Cathedral and their instruments
Tibia, 4/ 2012

Ricercare una melodia - Hexachords and the character of a melody
Windkanal, 4/ 2007

Portrait: Lucia Mense
Windkanal, 3/ 2006

dynamics in J. S. Bach´s music for orchestra
in: Bachs Orchestermusik, her. Siegfried Rampe und Dominik Sackmann, Bärenreiter 2000

Reviews (Selection)

Bernhard Morbach - Die Musikwelt des Mittelalters, Verlag Bärenreiter
in the magazin "Das Orchester", 2005

Reviews of new editions of music
in the magazins "Windkanal"/ Mollenhauer and "Üben & Musizieren"/ Schott

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