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Lucia Mense

Lucia Mense – recorder and traverso player pursues unusual paths:
after undertaking extensive studies of Baroque music, she is now passionately dedicated to various earlier styles as well as new western art music. Creative processes in medieval and new music attract her, improvisation is her vital interest.
                                                             (Christina Hartmann,

For years now Lucia Mense has been fascinated by the direct, the natural as well as the variable qualities of the sound of the recorder. The colorful palette and the speech-like articulation - not unlike the art of singing - in connection with the potential velocity of gesture, comprise the departure point for her interpretations. 

The presence of the recorder in music history until 1800, as well as in contemporary times, enables her to be artistically active in both Early and New music.

Just as extraordinary are her instruments, that is traditional and modern flute types:
Medieval recorders and traverse flutes - i.e. copies of instruments found in Dordrecht and Elblag: plus a double recorder;
recorders of the Renaissance and Baroque types in different siyes;
modern recorders by H. Paetyold and M. Helder.

The search for new techniques is Lucias concern / i.e. the use of circular breathing in medieval and modern music.

Lucia Mense performs as soloist and as a member of Ensemble Beltatz, Ars Choralis Coeln, Ala Aurea and Ensemble Dialogue.

Lucia Mense
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