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+ (electric)-Guitar

Collaborative concerts with the guitarist Seth Josel (Berlin) have been part of a continuum for the past years.

The spontaneous association with salon music is wished, indeed there is quite a variety of arranged and contemporary music for this classic combination. More importantly, a third medium has in the recent past presented itself – that is, computer and/or live-electronics.

New CD in 2014: Cage´s Enkel

A portrait of the New-music-scene Los Angeles:
compositions by Michael Pisaro, James Tenney, Cat Lamb, Tashi Wada, Michael Winter, Marc So, Liam Mooney, Scott Cazan, Laura Steenberge, Casey Anderson, Chris Kallmyer, Quentin Tolimeri
Seth Josel - electric guitar
Lucia Mense - recorder
Frank Gratkowski - bass clarinet
Anton Lukoszievieze - cello
hans w. koch - laptop

recording: june 2013 by Deutschlandfunk, Labels wandelweiser and worldedition
            - CD to be released in 2014 at label wandelweiser -

Recent projects of Seth Josel and Lucia Mense were dedicated to the music by Klarenz Barlow/ Los Angeles ( CD “…Until…”), Christopher Fox/ London and Phill Niblock/ New York (Portrait-CD)
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