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Music Theatre

Being fascinated by the creative possibilities of the combination of sound and movement on stage Lucia Mense presents music theatre performances. She works together with choreographers, actors, dancers and composers active in the theatre scene.

repertoire/ projects:

  • Maurizio Kagel - Atem
    for an acting musician - the "negative" of making music/ performance of rehearsing/ dealing with instruments, besides making sounds relevant in concert

  • Vinko Globokar - Dos à Dos
    for two wind instruments
    performance of communication between the two players 
    choreography by Vinko Globokar

  • Karl-Heinz Stockhausen - In Freundschaft
    version for recorder
    performance of the structure of the piece 
    choreography by Karl-Heinz Stockhausen

  • Jacques Bank - Les memoires du Cycliste
    experiences of a byciclist at the Tour de France,                          
    performed by two recorder players

  • Andra Perrin - Les Funambules
    production: Danswerkplaats Amsterdam
    Andra Perrin - dance, choreography
    Silke Hundertmarck - dance, accordeon
    Pierre Perrin - dance, singing saw
    Lucia Mense - recorders, toy instruments, acting
    Regie: Andra Perrin and the ensemble
    premiere 2001 in Amsterdam

  • Thomas Witzmann - Kokooning
    for Garklein-Flöte
    performance of an insect in its cocoon and its birth
    premiere 2004 in Köln, Alte Feuerwache

  •  Christine Messner - My best work is my life
    For the 100. Birthday of Simone de Beauvoir
    Christina-Messner-ensemble: Irene Kurka (voice), Christina Messner (violin/ voice), Inka Ehlert (cello), Lucia Mense (recorder), Annette Maye (clarinet), Dorrit Bauerecker (accordeon/ piano)
    regie: Gisela Marx, Köln
    premiere 2008 in Köln

  • 2009/10 Hildegard v. Bingen - Ordo virtutum
    theatre performance
    regie: Thomas Höft, choreography: Michaela Isabella Fünfhausen

    ensemble Ars Choralis Coeln, director Maria Jonas
    Anima - Cora Schmeiser (voice, dance, performance)
    Diabolus - Lucia Mense (recorder, dance, performance)
    Humilitas - Maria Jonas (voice, performance)
    Virtutes - Uta Kirsten, Petra Koerdt, Pamela Petsch, Stefanie Brijoux, Elodie Mourot, Christine Wehler, Aglaia Mika (voice), Amanda Simmons (harp), Susanne Ansorg (fiddle)

  • 2010 The Little Muck - music theater for children
    and 2011 Orfeo by Claudio Monteverdi - version for children
    regie: Tina El Fayoumy
    music: Simon Rummel (composition, arrangement of midieval music)
    production by TheaterFayoum

    Oliver El Fayoumi - actor
    ensemble Bel Tempo: Barbara Schachtner - voice, Eva Schiefer and Lucia Mense -
               recorder, Roland Schwark - cello, Kritin Deeken - violin, Simon Rummel -
               keyboard instruments

  • Light and Heaviness
    lyrics by Simone Weil and music by Sidney Corbett

    Regie: Frank Albrecht
    organisational tasks: Sebastian Hanusa
    scenery/ costumes: Manfred Schneider
    concept: Lucia Mense and Barbara Schachtner

    musicians/ actors: Barbara Schachtner - voice, Lucia Mense - recorder, Anna Reitmeier - cello, Thomas Meixner - percussion
    premiere 2013 in Köln

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