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improvisation - experimental music


  • Lucia Mense, recorder
  • Joris Ruhl, clarinet
  • Georg Wissel, alto saxophone
  • Carl Ludwig Hübsch, tuba
  • Radek Schwarz, violin
  • Michael Griener, percussion
  • Simon Rummel, piano

    free improvisation of the musicians - compositions by Simon Rummel, being created especially for this combination of instruments; in the sense of pleasing music.

Ensemble LuDieCo

  • Cora Schmeiser, voice
  • Lucia Mense, recorder and flute
  • Dietmar Bonnen, piano/ toy piano/ tools

    art of language - poetical sounds
    spirituality - dadaism
    improvisation with and upon lyrics by Daniil Charms, Kurt Schwitters, Hölderlin etc.


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