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As a painter reproduces the works of nature with various colors, the instrument can imitate the expression of the human voice through tone coloring.

(S. Ganassi: Schule des kunstvollen Flötenspiels, 1535)

Early Music - Recorder Solo

Georg Ph. Telemann: Fantasia in b, No. 3
(1681-1767) for alto recorder

Song of the Sephardim: La Rosa Infloresce
(ca. 1400)

Anonymus: Belicha
(Istanpitta, 14. Jh.) for alto recorder in g

Giovanni Bassano: Ricercata quarta
(1550-1670) for bassett recorder in g

Jakob van Eyck: Engels Nachtegaeltje
(1590-1627) for soprano recorder

Anonymus: Une jeune Fillette
(french chanson, end of 16th cent.) improvised Diminution on “Une jeune Fillette”

Mario Lavista: Ofrenda (1986)
(*1943) for tenor recorder

Carl Ph. E. Bach: Sonata in a-moll, Wq. 132
(1714-1788) Poco Adagio - Allegro - Allegro
for Voice-Flute

This programme has been presented in two forms: one “pure” instrumental, the other with a dancer (Andra Perrin/ modern dance improvisation). The combination with speaker or another medium, for instance video, would also be conceivable.

Download audio example (MP3)

J. S. Bach - Courante from
Partita a minor


G. Bassano: Ricercata quarta

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