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A musician whereby not able to move anything else, that is, unless he himself is moved; thus, it is necessary to place himself in the affects which he would like to awaken in the listener.

(C.P.E. Bach: Versuch über die wahre Art das Clavier zu spielen)

Early Music - Recorder & Harpsichord

Lucia Mense and Alexander Puliaev met up during their studies at Sweelinck-Konservatorium in Amsterdam. Depending on the occasion, they will appear together as a duo or with befriended musicians. Recently they could be heard at the Early Music Festival Banchetto Musicale in Vilnius/ Lithuania.

Programme proposal
Il Spirito del Virtuoso

Georg Fr. Handel Sonate F major
(1685-1759) Largo - Allegro - Siciliana - Allegro
for alto recorder and harpsichord

Johann S. Bach     Concerto D major BWV 972
(1685-1781) after Concerto op.3/5 by Vivaldi
for harpsichord

Steve Reich    Vermont Counterpoint (1984)
for flutes and tape

Georg Ph. Telemann    Concerto No. V b minor
(1685-1767) Adagio - Vivace - Gratioso - Presto
for voice flute and harpsichord

Guiseppe Sammartini    Sonata G major
(1695-1780) Allegro - Andante - Minuetto con Variazioni
for alto recorder and harpsichord

Györgi Ligeti    Continuum
(1923-2005) for harpsichord

Antonio Vivaldi    Concerto C major RV 443
(1678-1741) Allegro - Largo - Allegro molto
for alto recorder and harpsichord

Lucia Mense and Alexander Puliaev

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