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Early Music - Ensemble Beltatz

Lucia Mense – medieval flutes and recorders
Bassem Hawar – djoze (arabian knee violin)
Riccardo Delfino – harp, hurdy-gurdy, percussion

„Beltatz“ – oczitan for „beauty“ – was a main topic in the songs of the Trobadors and Minnesänger. Beltatz implies the beauty of life at court, the virtues of the knights, the beauty of Music, poetry and science. The progress of european culture in medieval times was initiated by social exchange with the much more advanced Orient: the international trade market, the crusades, european and arabe citizens in Sicily and Spain led to a flourishing development - last but not least in music .

Foto: Bassem Hawar

The focus of the Ensembe Beltatz is the arabian violin djoze, flute and plucked instruments that were influenced by the cultural exchange with the Orient.
Singers and other instrumentalists are being invited according to the projects.


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